Immigration is Not the Answer for Germany

I  discussed in Immigration is Not the Answer why it will not be answer for nations with low fertility and declining demographics. Germany has a fertility rate of 1.44 children per women according to the CIA World Factbook; which is slightly up from the 1.4 children per woman in 2014. This is largely due to the moron Angela Merkel accepting nearly a million Islamic migrants into her country.

Angela Merkel and her disgusting globalist cabal claim that Germany needs the population in order to sustain their economic productivity. This is an outright lie. Besides the fact Germany is waving the white flag and tacitly allowing her country to become a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism; these migrants do not have the education, temperament, or skills to contribute to a technical economy.

An article in Breibart confirms what is common sense that the migrants are going to be an economic burden to Germans and not a benefit.

The Federation of German Towns and Municipalities estimate that the cost of providing these services to migrants will cost taxpayers €20 billion a year. It warned that by 2018 there would also be €2.6 billion additional costs for accommodation.

That is not a surprise. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be laughable.

Beyond integration, the migrant crisis will significantly raise the country’s security bill. The estimated minimum requirement of 20,000 new police officers is set to cost taxpayers a minimum of €1.3 billion per year, a figure expected to have an “upward trend”. In addition to this, 11,000 new positions are to be created at the federal police level.

That is quite a sum to ‘Integrate’ peoples that have absolutely no interest in assimilating into western culture or adopt values of tolerance.

The United States ‘Lamestream Media’ and the Regressive Globalist President thinks our nation can ‘handle’ and assimilate such migrants. These elites don’t have to live by these migrants nor do they  deal with the consequences living behind enclaves with walls.  They only argue for open borders so their wealthy CEO and Banking masters can suppress wages to keep their labor costs cheap. They cannot be trusted.

Now let me answer a few expected questions:

Q: Don’t you care about the plight of refugees from war-torn Syria?

A: No.

Q: Don’t you think as an American you should feel responsible for what happened in the Middle East?

A: No.

Q: Why are you such a bad person?

A: That is simply a terrible ‘shaming tactic’ and I quite honestly don’t give a damn about ‘regressive hypocritical moral judgments.

My number of migrants to accept would be ZERO. Donald Trump’s  call for a “Muslim Ban” is actually quite correct; as there is NO EVIDENCE that importing  third world primitives from Islamic shitholes brings any kind of benefit to a western technical nation.

The people of the Middle East and Africa need to sort out their own religious problems and figure out how to leave the ‘Dark Ages’. The peoples of the First World Nations (America, Europe, Russia, China. and India) don’t owe them anything.

United States Fertility Declining

I have been away from this blog for awhile but the decline continues apace.  I was looking for the published fertility rate by the CIA.

When I started this blog over a year ago the  United States fertility rate was 2.01.

The United States Fertility has plunged to 1.87 percent as of 2015. That is a bit of steep drop in  year. Germany rose from 1.4 to 1.44 but that is largely due to their foolish policy of allowing hordes of breeding savages into their country.

That is a bit of a steep drop and it will be interesting to see if 2016 continues that pattern.





Demography and Economics

Here is a nice article about the impact of demography changes on economics.

Next year the working-age populations of the major economies will decline for the first time since 1950, and this includes Russia and China. Meanwhile, the major economies’ share of people 65 and older will soar. Their need for durable goods produced in developing countries will diminish, leaving in doubt the prospects of the world’s next generation.

The ‘consumer’ economy of goods will contract. Older populations mean less consumption of luxury goods, etc. and increased consumption of drugs and healthcare.

There will be no perpetual economic growth. I am sure there will be absurd suggestions like ‘immigration’ to solve population decline. Importing unskilled labor from the third world will not work and only add to the destabilization of society. Europe is finding that out the hard way right now.


Why the Establishment Democrats are Clueless

I am a politically an Independent and have really come to despise both the Republican and Democrats, especially the ingrained career establishment politicians. This article from George Tyler really illustrates  why I quit the Democrat party.

George Tyler is a globalist Clintonite who was in his Cabinet and worked at the World Bank. This is the exact kind of Democrat that has ruined that party.

The Republican presidential aspirant nominated at this summer’s convention is likely to become that party’s nominee in part by invoking jingoist and xenophobic themes drawn from the playbooks of eastern European authoritarians. Miloš Zeman, the Czech President asserts, for example, “I do not want Islam in the Czech Republic.”

Milos Zemen is being a responsible leader.  George apparently doesn’t understand these countries don’t want a mass migration of third world people whose interpretation of the Quran lets them justify crime, rape. and mayhem.

And Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán has declared “We would like Europe to remain the continent of Europeans.” Such nationalist populism also has a prominent historic role in the U.S., featuring at times scapegoating of Irish, Catholics, Asians, Jews and Eastern Europeans.

Now the targets are Muslims and Latinos.

No idiot. The targets are Europeans.

Ask the thousands of German women who are being sexually assaulted and raped by migrants how they feel now?

Multiculturalism doesn’t work. When there are multiple human cultures in the same geographic region a dominant culture will absorb, assimilate, or eliminate all the others.

The United States of America is the prime example of the elimination of indigenous culture and often times merciless assimilation  into the Anglo-Speaking America identity everyone knows. We don’t speak Gaelic, Polish, Italian, etc,  those identities always fade away in the next generation in favor of the “American’ identity.

The ‘Regressive’ wing of the party simply hates the very people who the United States is dependent on to exist. They would rather hypocritically embrace misogynistic primitives from a raping death cult despite their so-called claims of feminism and gender equality. The Democrats are becoming the party of ‘Nihilism’ of Western Civilization because they deep down hate and self-loathe it.

This theme can be countered by Democrats with appeals to cosmopolitan America’s better angels – its Judaeo-Christian, immigrant and liberal democracy roots, its diverse and welcoming culture and its visceral anti-authoritarianism. But those angels will be more persuasive when combined with a compelling Democratic narrative of economic populism.

Maybe he should read history and study something about human nature. Islam and Christianity have been slugging it out since the 8th century since the Moors invaded Spain.

There simply be never be coexistence between the Muslim Aftican/Middle East migrants and Europeans. It will end in violence and death because that is human nature.

There are no ‘better angels’ only ‘Killing Angels”.

There lies a problem. Democrats have been in power for 8 years with paltry results for the middle class.

That is why voters fired Democrats from controlling Congress.

Indeed, the mean 2.5 percent real wage gains by German workers in 2015 alone exceeds the cumulative rise in median real American weekly wages since 1979.

The workers will need those wages to buy guns to protect themselves because Angela Merkel is turning Germany into an Islamic ghetto.

Wall Street malfeasance goes unpunished

Wall Street goes unpunished because people so-called ‘champions of the people’ like Obama and Clinton are too busy taking Wall Street’s money.

The one proven remedy across the globe for offshoring and wage suppression is codetermination. It should form the heart of a visionary Democratic agenda, drawing on its proven success in Germany and her neighbors.

Never mind it was Democratic President who passed NAFTA. Ross Perot warned about the ‘sucking sound’ of jobs. Now Barack Obama the ‘People’s President’ wants to join the Republicans and sign away more constitutional rights and sovereignty with the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Maybe Democratic politicians should  champion policies that benefit working people. Economic Populism only works when you actually do something instead of collecting bribes and donations like a third world dictator. These people are making FIFA look moral.

Few Americans would defend the behavior of U.S. executive suites and most would welcome a powerful, seasoned alternative to misfiring quarterly capitalism.

Too bad the Democrats are not that alternative. Nether are the Republicans. I can’t stand either of these parties.

It is any surprise the American people are turning to a Reality TV Star/Real Estate Developer or an Open Socialist for the next President?

Paris Attacks

My deepest sympathy to the victims and families of the Islamic extremist attacks on France. This was a tragic and horrifying event.

This sadly is the price the people of Europe will continue to pay due to the European Union’s migration and security policies. You can’t win a war by denying the common religion of the enemy.

The attitude of the Young Turks is held by many bureaucrats and politicians of the European Union.

The Great Wall of China

Many first world nations are facing a challenge of low fertility but China for decades in contrast had a mandated “one child” policy to control their fertility rate. China like most first world nations has below replacement fertility with 1.6 children born/woman (2015 est.) but having over a billion people means they can sustain a degree of population loss. They will still have  the same economic problems of an aging populace (magnified) but the greater issue might be stability.

Projections from China’s National Bureau of Statistics have estimated that, by 2020, the country’s men will outnumber their female counterparts by 33.8 million—a situation now referred to an upcoming Bachelor Crisis.


That is not a positive statistic for any society. Keep in mind that in societies where the gender ratio is equal there still is a fair percentage of men who do marry or reproduce.  Men must perform and acquire resources in order to be considered ‘marriageable’ by a women.  When the genders have equal access to work and economic resources this reduces the pool of marriageable men.

Although the suggestion of sending China’s tens of millions of unmarriageable men to the front line may sound outrageous, increased violence and social instability are primary factors motivating recent relaxations in the government’s family planning policies.


Wonderful stuff is testosterone. The 20 something year old male is going to engage in riskier behavior than any other segment of the populace.  If you look at human history, wars and crusades have been started for exactly this reason.


As richer, urbanised men attract viable partners, poorer, rural hotbeds may increasingly fill with single men who can’t find women.


If you increase the supply of men and create an imbalance that prices more men out of the market. The men  that will get left out are younger men who have had less opportunity to acquire resources. Women tend to marry men several years older than themselves.  No nation or society will be stabile or safe with such a radical gender imbalance.

Past periods of unrest in Chinese history have been linked to similar demographic shifts. When female infanticide skewed the sex ratio of the Qing dynasty’s population in the 19th century, young men unable to find wives formed into armed bands and the imperial realm experienced a succession of armed revolts across the countryside that fatally weakened the Manchu regime, hastening its 1911 downfall.


China has seen this before. The question is if they learn from their history or are they doomed to repeat the cycle?

The European Backlash

I enjoy Angry Foreigner’s videos about what is going on in Sweden. I agree with him that the solution is not to just open your borders, especially when the economy and housing problems are severe. There are other solutions to the migration crisis.

Many people are not buying the sympathy or multicultural arguments of the globalists and left-wing elites, notably the BBC, EU Bureaucrats, or Angela Merkel.

These same globalist tools champion feminism yet ignore the demands for Sharia Law and the rape pandemic these migrants have brought. I find their hypocrisy appalling.  They certainly don’t live near these Arabic or African Ghettos. Politicians supporting the destruction of Western Civilization should be tossed and driven from office at the ballot box.

These migrants are not integrating into Europe; the Davos crowd only wants to use a percentage of the ones who actually work as cheap labor and to justify expanding the welfare state.

Shaming people into being compassionate or calling them racists will not work. In fact it has the opposite affect. Here is a good video of some callers telling the BBC to pound sand.

If you look at global population demographics, this is only the beginning of the waves of migration from the Middle East and Africa. The decisions made now will determine if nations survive or simply are taken over.

It is human nature when times grow harder and your prosperity is threatened to put our own interests first. Multiculturalism doesn’t work. When two human cultures are in the same area, one culture eliminates the other, by assimilation, takeover, or violence.

The World’s Oldest Populations in 2050

One of the major impacts of an aging population is the economic impact on GDP due to increased medical costs and retirement benefits.  Bloomberg has an article about the oldest populations.

In the six countries ageing most rapidly, only Japan — already the world’s oldest population — seems to be thinking of how to care for its elderly. Greece and South Korea are the worst places to live for people in their 60s.

Japan is a larger more innovative economy compared to bankrupt Greece so naturally they would be better prepared. South Korea is facing extinction within five centuries if their demographics do not change. I think technology will only go so far, after all as the population decreases so does the pool of talent to come up with innovative ideas.

Younger people should do better in the labor market as the population declines but we are seeing how countries like Germany are responding out of sheer corporate greed. As the population declines the supply of young workers decreases thus increasing demand and wages.  They are trying to get around this by importing volatile migrant labor to artificially suppress wages [ignoring the terrible cost and risk to society].

That policy will backfire when the dwindling youth are burdened with higher taxes to support the elderly at the same time their cities become Islamic Ghettos.  The elderly in 2050 can’t put their faith that the youth of society will take care of them.

Over the next 35 years the global tally of people over age 60 will grow to 2.1 billion from 901 million in 2015, or 21.5 percent of the total global population from a current level of 12.3 percent, HelpAge says

Wow. That is simply a stunning projection. Imagine almost a quarter of the world’s population being over age 60.  Most of the elderly will be from first world countries while the youth is mostly from the third world. That doesn’t account for the fact that peak population decline won’t hit full force until the 2060’s. The percentage of elderly will increase when the United States’ demographics age and gray like Japan in the same decade.

Nations that are elderly and graying will be spending larger portions of their GDP on care at the same time third world populaces will continue to migrate from their overcrowded nations in Africa and the Middle East towards first world countries. Once first world governments encourage them to come and give them welfare and housing, the waves will not stop.

What we are seeing in Europe is only the beginning.

Migrant Crisis in Hungary

Do Ven posts a very different perspective of the migrant crisis in Hungary other than the stock photos of tired women and crying babies [despite the fact the majority of migrants seem to be male].

Hungary according to the World Factbook has Hungary at 1.43 children born/woman (2015 est.) which is demographically miserable and below replacement, mass migration over the long term makes them quite vulnerable.

Such gratitude. You can see why most people in the United Kingdom want nothing to do with taking more of these migrants into their country.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in the United Kingdom

I am sure Secular Vegan will have something to say about this news story and will have better insights than myself.

David Miliband has decided to insert ‘foot in mouth’ this week regarding the Syrian migrants. His position is no surprise of a Labour MP who is now the CEO for the International Rescue Committee in New York City.

The comments section has quite a good discussion as the majority of people do not want more migrants overwhelming the United Kingdom.

David Miliband has called on the British government to take in its fair share of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and other conflicts, and said continued failure to do so would represent an abandonment of the UK’s legal and humanitarian traditions.

Miliband’s ideas will simply overburdened healthcare, retirement, and legal system (due to increased crime and violence) of the United Kingdom.  It won’t be a problem for him personally as he won’t live by these Syrian Migrants in New York.

The wealthy never, never, never  shoulders the costs of disastrous immigration policies; it is the middle and lower classes that entirely bear the burden.

I am not a fan of David Cameron but he is  correct on this issue.

“I don’t think there is an answer that can be achieved simply by taking more and more refugees.”

There aren’t just Syrians there are also people coming from Africa. Not all are war-refugees, many are simply jumping line in the immigration process. I won’t deny that many fleeing persecution because they come from hellholes. You will never hear me defending globalist elites, bankers, defense contractors, and thieving multinational corporations; these scumbags created the mess in the Middle East.

That doesn’t change the fact the reason the migrants choose Europe over Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, or China is more access to welfare and housing. The citizens of those countries should get a say because they are the ones who pay for it, not their tax-dodging corrupt leaders.

Miliband said: “There needs to be some burden-sharing … bigger countries taking more people than smaller countries, richer countries taking more people than poorer countries. Historically the US has taken about 50% of the world’s resettled refugees. It would certainly help the European debate if the Americans were seen to be stepping up.”

Where exactly would you settle these Syrians in the United States? In our crumbling cities? I don’t see how dumping Syrians in our heroin and meth infested cities so they can live a life of warfare battling well-armed narcotic gangs for control of the drug trade will be a net positive for anyone.

Then we have the Guardian Pick comment by TBombadil.

Our population is ageing. The median age in Britain in 1974 was 34 in 2014 it was 40. Nearly 18% of people in Britain are over 65. The people born in the population boom after WW2 are now in their 60s and those in the 1960s baby boom are in their 50s. These will all add to the ageing of the population. Many of these refugees are young working age people, an ideal age to help support the growing number of ageing pensioners in the future

I don’t disagree with the fact the aging populace is a problem but it is a completely wrong assumption that Immigration is a magical answer.   Migrants will only increased the taxpayer burden due to increased healthcare, retirement, and law enforcement. This is a naïve assumption that these migrants will want to integrate.

Why would a young migrant population of an aggressive fundamentalist religion sign on to support an aged secular native population?   They can simply just take the country and eliminate the old people who will be put in ditches instead of retirement homes.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Allowing people to keep their own identity and not assimilate was a fatal mistake the Western Roman Empire made with the Goths and Vandals.  It is about time that people wake up to that reality.  Not everybody plays by a set of humane rules.

I am not saying absolutely nothing should be done for legitimate refugees, but there is a cold-blooded reality that cannot be ignored, not everyone on the Titanic got a seat on a lifeboat.  Given the demographics of Africa and Middle East you can’t open the floodgates then expect to close them once the dam bursts.